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pretty good, beat it without knowing about dodge, also did this

upon looking at the tutorial again, im just blind

That one gave me hell. (For 20 minutes)

Really creative idea, great soundtrack.

I never was that proud before of a successful bullet dodge!

But the controls somehow suck: why use three buttons that are apparently randomly distributed over the keyboard?

Anyway, keep up the great work!


This game is a nail biter dude! It gets so tense! Love it!

A clever game design coupled with charming retro pixel art - what is there not to love about it? <3 The mechanics led me to be more careful with my shots, so I would not accidentally block the way to the exit - at the same time I had to keep moving, so that the enemies would not have me in constant fire and so drive the walls forward. That was a great balancing act that you have accomplished there! That's why I recommended your game with an article on our blog and uploaded a playthrough video. <3 The only thing I would want more from the game would be a more fierce boss fight, but that's a tiny minor detail. :D Excellent work, I wish you a high ranking at the Ludum Dare 42 with it!

Best wishes,

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This game looks realy cute! I think it could've been a little bit more fast-paced, or maybe that's just me. Good job!

Edit: do you think you could include the link to the Ludum Dare page so I can rate it? Thanks!

Interesting game and very nice sprites!

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Really fun game.
(Make the boss harder though. I managed to beat it before it even fired once.)

I get that. I added the boss last, with about an hour left in the 72 hour jam, and thus it was kinda rushed and unpolished. Otherwise, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Welp... I had basically written an essay analyzing the game and focusing on the aspects I enjoyed and the aspects that I didn't enjoy. Then I accidentally reloaded the page, and lost it all :(

Pretty much, the game is pretty awesome. Gameplay itself is fun and responsive, other than the ladder hitbox feeling a bit too small and the roll feeling out of place (at least for me). The art was spectacular, along with the rest of the games aesthetics. The boss felt a bit too weak, but at least you had one. The levels felt like your classic arcade game, but also had a bit of a puzzle feel to it. Like when I had figured out how the walls work, I got a chance to use my new knowledge immediately and had gained a tool to use in later levels. Then it became especially interesting when what used to just be a tool, turned into much more dangerous hazard.

Congrats on your game, and I hope to see you make another one during the next Ludum Dare!

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I'm fully aware the boss is underpowered. I was trying to go for something that was decently hard that I could code easily,in addition to that or was the last.thing I did before the deadline. 👍


The fact that you have a boss battle at all is astonishing! Great job!