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sooo fun! Would love if there were more Metroidvania elements like player upgrades and a map. this is a great concept and feels really fun to play

I didn't consider the game completed until I could get the boss to that highest point and defeat it there. Really fun game, would love to see it expanded into a full project!

Well I reached the highest point. I'll assume this is the end then

great nice gud wow perfect


I got to the end but I couldn't do anything so I died

It's a rather nicely executed concept. Great job man

Awesome game dude. Expanding this would be a great idea!

Really good game, especially for a game jam !

You're part of my video of the Ludum Dare 43 ;)


Enjoy !


Fun game.  I kind of like the mystery of not knowing which direction to this the ending though?


That it is. I think I should have communicated it better, but LD is now over. I'm glad you like it though!


Don't worry, I felt accomplished when I got up there...I was just trying to get the huge cross to light up like the small ones :)

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I was able to jump onto the left wall (about 2/3 of its height) and then jump over the wall :) There are gray screens, and first you can walk on them, but then, if you go to the left further, you start falling infinitely  :)

The game is fun however :)

I like the heavy bullets-esque design.