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If you like games like this, which demonstrate game errors and glitches in a fun way, then I recommend you also try nitrome's Mega Mash ( and A Meta Data Game by ansimuz ( These are just two on the top of my head. And if you know more, please let me know!

A lot of fun! Some of the spots were a little tricky in terms of how precise I had to be with my movements, but was still able to figure it out and get through. Good work!


Unplayable: Shooting the dragon crashes the game! D:

(joking.  Game was fun, if a little short)

Nice game

Game was executed wonderfully, The 10-second crash thing is cool. I'm biased Minut is one of my fave games so seeing it done right is nice. The art is also very solid I mess with this game heavy and can't wait to see it expanded upon


Cool, but too hard. I would suggest to increase time between errors for a few seconds (only one or two). But this is all playteting, for which you don't have time for on game jam. The game itself is cool. I am waiting for normal version,


The idea is cool, but game is too hard. I would give a few seconds more.

Were you inspired to make this from games like Minut?


this game is so tedious the enemies are placed in such a way that it is brutal to try to get by fast.


Playing again the game  (and considering that the key is the crash) I can say that was nice, some times is so rough, not saving by 1px of distance but is ok i guess :)

I'd like to say the game is good, however, the constant crashing really takes away from the experience.  I get it's a gamejam submission, but this isn't the best way to present a game. I do hope you can fix the issue asap, and maybe then I will do a fair review


It's actually the main mechanic.  Because the game is now being posted on the main page of Itch I might make that really clear in the description.

Ok. I'll have to try the game again with this in mind.

I thought you were joking lol

no, if it's intentional it's gotta make for some kind of interesting gameplay

im guessing the weird color line in the middle is there to detect splicing in speedruns which is actually smart.

Crashes in browser (Firefox v105.0) and under WINE
on Linux just says Couldn't load project data at path ".". Is the .pck file missing? (All I downloaded was 1 exe file, there was no .pck file.)

If it's a pixel-art "fatal error" message it's actually intentional. The theme of the jam was "Every 10 seconds" so I made it "crash" every 10 seconds. I do need to figure out how to fix the desktop version

Included this in my event highlights @18:05.

There was a checkpoint towards the end where I keep falling on minor enemies heads as before, but in this scenario it kept killing me. Fairly confusing given how they'd behaved up until then.

So many fatal error, looks good and sweet but, it's hard to play without that prompt



in which application did you create the game I would like to know to create a game like this but cooler

The web game is playable, just sometimes pretty tight in between checkpoints.
when the game "crashes", press shift to return to main menu.
and pressing y starts the game.

so if you had gotten a checkpointnand the game crashed, press shift and then y, so you get back to the last savepoint.

That way, by going back to main menu and reentering,
you can indeed play the web version :-)

Game on website gives me the fatal error thing that I cant get rid of.
And if I wanna execute the downloaded .exe file, it gives me a (real) error prompt:

"Couldnt load project data at path ".". Is the .pck file missing?


Cute concept!  The short time frame between crashes made some of the save points super tight but that's exactly the kind of challenge that I love to see.

My game just crashed....he he. Great game!

Really nice. Up until now I got frustrated with the submissions on this LD, but your game kept my interest. Apart from that, it looks good, plays well, is clever and the sound effects are nice too. Really nice effort!

Awesome work <3


I went left.  


It's not a bug it's a feature ;)

It'll crash every 10 seconds




it’s for the game jam theme


unplayable in browser sadly

For me, the downloadable version is unplayable! WHAT PCK FILE? IT'S JUST AN EXE FILE!!

What happened? Did you get a fatal error? (That's actually supposed to happen. The game crashes once every 10 seconds. It's the main mechanic.)

Nevermind, it is indeed playable in browser (jsut beat it myself) shift and y on the keyboard are your friend (I use qwertz keyboard if it's important) :-)

Pretty fun! Loved how you used the theme!